Finally got over my fear of figure drawing

Messy warmup sketch

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All work, no play 

Super fun tattoo I got to do today


Did I ever tell you guys that my Dungeon Master, Aaron Campbell, is an INCREDIBLE illustrator and painter? This guys a huge inspiration to me, despite the hoards of evil fish people and demonic baby-eaters he subjects us to. As of January, he found out his father had an aggressive brain tumor, and needless to say, times have been tough for him. As artists, we all know how difficult it can be to keep paying the bills while enduring a family crisis, so to soften the blow he’s selling his ORIGINAL pages for $75 freaking bucks. You can check out his pages and contact him to buy stuff through here:

If you can’t afford originals, stop by his redbubble for posters, prints, iphone cases, whatever. Theres BrBa stuff there too, guaranteed you’ll find something you like.

I threw some prints up on my bigcartel, reblog this for a chance to win a free print!

I generally try to keep politics out of my art, but I enjoyed this commission.

Posted this Star Trek piece up on Society6, you can get it as art prints, t-shirts, throw pillows, iphone cases, you name it!  Spread the word, check it out!

This design is for sale!  I’d loooove to find a good home for it, get in touch!

Friends of the Ood


My Friends of the Ood shirt is up for voting now at DBH! Go give him a vote, support the Ood!!


This ood needs a good home, designs for sale, would make a great back of a hoodie.  Get in touch!

Finally finished my portfolio website, go have a looksee!